Feminist Fight Club

Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennet is a must read for every women out there! It's sassy, funny, and full of so many truths about the working world for women. It is an easy read full of strategies to combat inequality and Jessica's witty remarks keeps the story engaging. I was able to go to her book signing in Capitol Hill and she is one of the most genuine people I've met. She's confident, smart, and a risk-taker. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and her passion for creating equality for women is incredibly inspiring.

This book really resonated with me because I could relate to it so much! Whether I'm working or in class, I'm always intimidated by the guys in the room. They're always the one's that speak up and seem to have this inexplicable leadership quality. This causes me to be self-deprecating and feel the need to be perfect. I think this happens to so many girls and it causes us to be trapped in our own little bubble since we're afraid of being wrong. We need to break out of our shell and be confident in our own abilities because we are just as strong and smart as the men in the room. It's easier said than done, but having a strong support system of women (and men) can motivate us to take risks and speak up. After reading this book, I've learned not to accept societal norms and I'm on my journey to breaking the glass ceiling.

xo Kerstin