De-Stressing for Finals

Welcome to dead week, when you drink more coffee than you should and when you live in the library 24/7 (literally).  Here are some tricks I learned to help me manage studying and to treat dead week like any other week in the school year!

1. Write Out Lists

The hardest part about studying for finals is knowing where to start... It can be really scary to pull out notes from the first day of class; honestly, it is really overwhelming when all your notes and textbooks are just laid out on the table. That's why I love creating a "To-Do" List. I take out my organizing notebook and start scribbling all the things I need to study (this can be chapter you need to re-read, topics that you need to review, flashcards you need to make, etc.). This may seem like a waste of time, especially when you have review sheets with topics listed out, but I promise this will help and keep you organized! 

2. Create a Schedule

With all the things you listed out, start putting all your "To-Dos" in a calendar. This is a crucial step because it sets checkpoints and keeps you accountable for finishing things. Also, this helps you space out your studying and by the time finals comes around, you won't be pulling all-nighters. 

3. Stay Healthy

This can be an obvious one, but it's the one we all struggle with the most! Make sure you get a good night's rest and be consistent, so when test day comes around, you will be well rested. Also, when you're studying, be careful of snacking! Instead of reaching for those chips and soda that will make you crash later, reach for some healthy alternatives like carrots & hummus, granola & yogurt, DIY energy bites, and more (let me know if you guys want me to make a post about healthy snack recipes)! Lastly, stay active. Go on a run with friends, hit the gym, or just go on a walk. Staying active will get the blood flowing and help you feel re-energized. Along with that, don't forget to stay hydrated! 

4. Don't Be Afraid to Say No & Don't Think About FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) 

When your friends ask you to hangout, but you know you should be studying, don't be afraid to say no! They know you have finals and will totally understand. I know that there's FOMO, but trust me, your grade will be worth it and reflect all the hard work you put into studying. 

5. Treat Yourself! 

To motivate yourself, treat yourself to something every time you finish one of your to-dos. This can include grabbing lunch with a friend, taking that much needed nap, or anything else! If you decide to watch something on Netflix, try not to binge watch a season of your favorite show... It can be tough, but that will be your reward for after finals!

I hope these tips help you guys and good luck with finals! You got this! 

xo Kerstin

In order to succeed, you first must believe you can  &  before you quit, think about why you started