Fika House Kafé

All you need is some coffee & good company

I instantly fell in love with this little coffee shop the moment I stepped in. The color scheme and overall decor created a modern, yet cozy environment.  It just opened a month ago and a couple friends and I were dying to try the new place in town, and it did not disappoint!

Their waffle was the perfect blend of being crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Plus, serving it on wood, made it that much tastier (it's all about the aesthetics, right?). The waffle went perfectly with my almond latte, which was made with house-made almond syrup from freshly ground almonds. They have so many flavors and I can't wait to go back and try them all (cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, 5-space, fennel, and almond). On top of all this, the owner (pictured above) made each of us a small glass of iced caramel machiatto, which was just as amazing. I'll definitely be back and switch out some Starbucks for Fika! 

xo Kerstin

P.S. So excited to see that my photo got featured on Fika's Instagram!