Pleated Skort X Colored Leather Jacket

Outfit details: Raisin brown leather jacket (anthropologie), black pleated skort (rag&bone), white lace tank (I.N.C) , strapped wedges (Matt bernson), X ring (nordstrom)

I wanted to start off by saying a huge thank you to Laura Claypool Photography for taking these photos! I had so much fun on the shoot and I loved how the pictures turned out!

In this shoot, we went around the city and tried to capture both the girly, yet edgy aspects of this outfit. My favorite piece is the black pleated skort because it is easy to pair and can make any outfit unique. For this look, I wore it with a white lace tank and pulled it all together with a raisin brown leather jacket for chilly summer days/nights. Lastly, I always love a good wedge to dress up an outfit and bring out some confidence.

xo Kerstin 

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