2min DIY Stockings Under $5


I LOVE the holidays, especially being able to redecorate every inch of my home and office! To bring the festivities to work, I thought it would be fun to have stockings for my team. When I looked for personalized stockings online, I couldn’t find any under $20, so I decided to get crafty and make some on my own! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Stockings- They’re originally $6.99, but are 60% off for the holidays! (Michael’s)
  • Large Letter Stickers (preferably ones that are a little thicker)- $8.99 for a pack that includes 2 of each letters (Michael’s)
  • Fabric Glue-  Pack of 3 for $3.99 (Michael’s) 
  • (Optional) Crystal Command Hooks- $4 for pack of 2 (Amazon)  

With the holiday sales (Thanks Michael's for all the deals!), I was able to get everything for $25 and make 5 stockings with supplies left over!  

Steps (Pictures below!)

  1. Peel sticker and place a layer of fabric glue across the whole sticker
  2. Press the sticker firmly onto the stocking and hold for 10 seconds. Make sure the edges are secure. 
  3. If you're looking to hang them at work or on a wall at home, I highly recommend getting command hooks! This was my first time trying them and was surprised by how well they worked! You stick the command strip on the wall, stick the hook onto it, and your stocking is ready to hang! (The first time I hung them, one of the stockings wasn't evenly spaced and when I took off the command hook from the wall, it came off quickly and cleanly, so it doesn't damage the wall!)

These stockings are so cute and really easy to make! Grab your family or friend and get crafty this holiday season!

xo Kerstin