Qualities in a Manager


I’ve been fortunate enough to have wonderful managers at each of my internships who have become life long mentors. I look up to them a lot and hope to be as great as them once I get to that point in my career. These are some qualities I think we should be looking for in a manager and be ourselves in the future.

Welcoming From the Start
A common trait among all my managers is that they are genuinely caring and welcoming from the minute I interact with them whether it is in person or via phone/email. To me, managers are the face of the company and when they are excited about me working with them, the feeling is reciprocated and I get excited! The initial interaction sets the stage for the rest of the relationship; trust is built and I instantly feel comfortable  expressing my ideas.  

Open Minded
Managers should encourage their employees to share their ideas. I appreciate how my managers were always willing to take the time to listen to my suggestions. They were patient, great listeners, and viewed things from multiple perspectives. I think a lot of this comes from building trust and good rapport from the beginning.

Gives Critical Feedback
I learn the most when my managers take the time to give me critical feedback. I remember early on in my career when I always sought positive feedback, but now, I'm always looking for ways to improve. It can be tough to hear sometimes, but that's how you grow! I appreciate when my managers suggest other techniques to do the same task, push me to go a little further, or question me about my decisions and pinpoint any holes in my processes. This helps me recognize where my weaknesses are and improve on them. 

Being Your Biggest Advocate
For any intern or new employee, the best feeling is when you feel like your work is valued. I've been so fortunate to have managers who want to share my work with others in the company and even encourage me to present my projects to other coworkers and even senior leadership. It's really encouraging when a manager is cheering me on and is pushing me to go beyond what I'm comfortable with. I've found that having a supportive manager has allowed me to take risks and produce work that I'm proud of. 

Managers play such an integral part in a person's career. I would even argue that a manager can make or break an intern or employees' experience at a company. I hope to take away some of these qualities that I can work on as I continue to grow in my career . Leave in the comments qualities of a manager that you look for! 

xo Kerstin