Summer Update


Hello hello! It's been a whirlwind of a month and it's been hard keeping up with my blog, but I'm finally settled in a new city for the summer and I'm excited to get back to blogging! 

For those who don't follow along on social, I'm living in Boulder, Colorado for the summer while interning at Google! Two weeks ago, I flew out to Mountain View for a week of training at the Google headquarters. It was really great being able to learn about Google's values, explore the campus, and meet other interns! I'll definitely write a post later this summer about my overall experience at Google; so far, I've been loving it! After the week of training, I flew to Colorado to start my summer journey! This past week, I've been settling into the city, spending time with family, and lots of hiking! 

I'm about to start my second week of work and now that I'm more on a schedule, I'll be posting more regularly! I'll continue to write about personal/professional development, but be on the lookout for posts about my experience living in Colorado! If you have any post requests, leave them in the comments, email me, or DM me on social! 

xo Kerstin