Kerstin Huang

Let's Collab! 

I love collaborating with passionate, like-minded people & with companies that create quality products and have a mission I can stand behind. If you would like to collab, send me an email ! In the meantime, check out some of my collaborations/features below! 


Testimonial from Felix Gray

We were introduced to Kerstin in late February - when we were barely a year old startup - and we started chatting a blog collaboration. She wrote professionally, honestly, and succinctly, quickly turned around a review, and captured our glasses in a beautiful and engaging way. Our team wildly appreciates her perspective, and we have enjoyed working with her since! I'm looking forward to continuing to collaborate with Kerstin in the future.” - Cecilia, Felix Gray




Abercrombie & Fitch

My back to school outfit photo on Instagram was reposted on Abercrombie’s official Instagram page.


Fika house kafe

Images from my post about Fika House Kafe was featured in both the Seattle Pulse & Fika House Kafe's Instagram pages.