First Time Trying Lash Extensions


Last week, I got lash extensions from Belle Cherie Lash & Brows and could not have had a better experience! I was definitely hesitant at first and wasn't sure if I wanted extensions since I've heard mixed reactions from my friends. With the holiday season, I thought it was the perfect time to try them myself and help those who are trying to decide if they want lash extensions! 

Duration: It takes 2 hours to complete a full set and anywhere from 1-1.5hrs to get a fill depending on how many lashes you have left. 

How long they last: Lash extensions can last up to 4 weeks, but it's recommend that you get a fill every 2-3 weeks if you want them to look fresh. 

How lash extensions are applied: Lash extensions are applied individually on each lash 1mm above the root of the lash/eyelid. Since extensions are attached to the lash itself, once your lash falls, the extension goes with it, so there is no damage to your lashes. We lose an average of 4 lashes/day, so they may fall unevenly and you would need to go in to fill your lashes. Also, we have about 150 lashes on each eye, which is why getting lash extensions is such a long process.

Caring for your lashes: When you first get extensions, do not get them wet for 24hrs to allow the adhesive to fully dry. After the first day, it's fine to get them wet and even swim in them. To preserve the lashes, do not rub your eyes, use oil-free makeup remover, and wash your eye area with gentle cleansers or baby shampoo. 

Cost: At Belle Cherie, the cost for a classic full set is $150, which seems like the average cost for extensions when I browsed online. Right now, they have a Groupon where you can get a full set for $100 (view here). Fills can range from $40-80 depending on how many lashes need to be filled.

My Thoughts & Experience: I had such a wonderful experience and love my extensions! I was surprised at how light they feel. I expected extensions to make my eye feel really heavy, but I don't feel them at all. Amanda did such a great job throughout the process. She made sure I was aware of how extensions worked, was very detail oriented, and I felt comfortable throughout the process. After a week of having my extensions, I'm still really happy with how natural they look and how easy they are to upkeep. The only time my eye was irritated was when I took my first shower after getting extensions. I think my eye was just not used to so many lashes around the eye area, but since then, I have not had any problems when they get wet. 

I've gotten so many compliments with these new lashes and they have made my daily routine so much easier since I don't need to do any makeup in the morning! I would highly recommend extensions to anyone already thinking about getting them or if you have a special event coming up! If you're looking for a place to get them done, I'd recommend Belle Cherie because of their quality service and cozy decor! If you're looking at other places, be sure to do your research because poor application can lead to eye irritation, damaged lashes, and clumpy looking extensions! 

I hope this was helpful and I'm happy to answer any questions you have! 

xo Kerstin


This post is written in collaboration with Belle Cherie Lash & Brows, thank you for the lash extensions! All photography, writing, and opinions are my own.