Clear Summer Skin w/ Neutrogena


It's that time of the year where you're out and about and your skin needs a little love. Fun outdoor activities draw more dirt to your skin and wearing makeup in the heat clogs your pores. With Neutrogena's #AcneProofing daily scrub and gel cleanser, I've been able to keep my skin feeling clean and refreshed after a long day out in the sun. 

Both products contain salicylic acid, which help clear and prevent breakouts. I love the feeling of the daily scrub since it smooths and exfoliates the skin. The gel cleanser is just as great; it's gentle and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. I use these twice a day and it feels good knowing that my skin is not only clean, but is also becoming more acne resistant. What makes it even better is that it smells delicious with its' apple and pear scent. Neutrogena's daily scrub and gel cleanser are perfect for the summer! It's affordable, restores the skin, and leaves your skin feeling clean. Enjoy the sun this summer and stop worrying about your skin with their new #AcneProofing line! 

xo Kerstin

Thanks so much Neutrogena for sponsoring this post!