Carmel By The Sea


Driving down the coast of Hwy 101 to Carmel is the most breathtaking view you'll see. The layers of blue crashing along the rocks and silky sand are truly one of a kind. It may sound clichΓ©, but listening to the waves and breathing in the ocean air gave me a sense of pure bliss.

Once you enter Carmel, there's a road called 17 Mile Drive, which follows the coast and has destinations along the way like the Lone Cypress and Pebble Links. I'll definitely have to go back one day to play golf there because the course is absolutely stunning! 

Other than the beautiful scenery, Carmel has a really cute small town where you can shop and grab a bite to eat. Since I had an essay due, I was cooped up in a coffee shop, while my family and friends walked around the city (story of a college student, am I right?). Since I only took a day trip there, I didn't get to explore the whole town, but I heard there's also a great  spa called Refuge, if you're looking to wind down for a weekend and need some R&R (another reason why I need to go back!) 

Carmel By The Sea is absolutely gorgeous and if you ever find yourself in California, this is a must-see destination! 

xo Kerstin